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The young man printed such a message on the wedding card, everyone is praising him...

Let us tell you that very often people chant mantras on wedding cards & auspicious messages. But you will be surprise to know that in Uttarakhand, a young man from Dehradun printed such a slog on the wedding card, which is praising him everywhere. Let me tell you that this card is also getting viral on social media & internet.

The young man printed such a message on the wedding card, everyone is praising him...
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For your information, let us tell you that the wedding card of Ashish Nautiyal, resident of Mohkampur, Dehradun, has been removed. In this wedding card, two beautiful messages have been given to the guests. He has printed the message of saving the environment & preventing wastage of food in this card. The message has been to 'Save Himalaya, remove polythene'.

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Let us tell you that the card appeals to the people that all the guests coming to the wedding take a pledge that we will not use plastic in daily life. Not only this but people should also take a pledge not to waste food. Anything related to plastic will not be used in Ashish's wedding.

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Source: amarujala.com

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Superb yaar .I salute your efforts

7 Months ago


rather impossible to follow..how u can avoid using plastic buckets,mugs,slippers,wrappers,vehicle parts,cold drinks,daily utensils...etc

7 Months ago


This is the beginning of new era.

7 Months ago

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