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The war that changed the history of India

Friends India used to be a very wealthy country in ancient times, due to which many neighboring countries of India wanted to rule India by invading India but there were many heroes in India who had protected India from these foreign invaders. One such foreign inventor was Babur, who was the founder of Mughal dynasty in India, who invaded India in 1526, with the intention of plundering India.

The war that changed the history of India
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Babur had defeated Ibrahim Lodi in the battle of Panipat for the first time on India, and after that Babar had challenged Maharana for Mewar in the battle of Khanwa for the war. 

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When Babur got this challenge, he decided to go to war with Babur immediately and in 1527, a historic battle was fought between Babur and Sanga in a Khanwa place in which Sank had fought with Babur's bout.

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But Rana Sanga could not stand in front of Babur's guns and had to withdraw from the battlefield due to injury. After winning this war, Babur's pride got elevated and he had ruled the whole of the country in the next two years.

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you fool . Sanga defeated babur in first battle. you can see all baburs royal flags drums and nisaan of babur.

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abe chutye kuch to Sharm kar .....English ki watt lagadi puri

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