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The power of a plant-based diet

According to her, a plant-based diet has the power to not just cure it but to completely eradicate disease from our body.

The power of a plant-based diet
Nidhi Nahata.

Modern-day addictions manifest themselves in modern-day health issues. At the forefront of the battle against junk food and unhealthy lifestyle is Bengaluru’s compassionate food crusader Nidhi Nahata, who is transforming people’s lives for the better, one dish at a time

This cafe, with oil-free food and a kitchen that relies wholly on plant-based ingredients, is an extension of owner Nidhi Nahata’s own journey. “Without even realising it, a passion for pure became my mission! When I saw my son’s asthma, husband’s acidity, in-laws’ BP and sugar, my own ailments of migraine, cholesterol and skin allergy, my belief in this lifestyle just deepened so much that soon it wasn’t just my passion, but the mission itself that was driving me,” says Nidhi, who strongly believes in the mantra ‘We are what we eat’.

“The world is racing ahead. Our lifestyle demands that we rush and fit in everything — possible and impossible — into a 24-hour day. Our health is taking a toll in this race and we are left unconscious about what we are eating. That’s why, I’m keen to change the way people approach their food and lifestyle,” Nidhi states, explaining that Justbe’s mission is to reverse this trend so that people make better choices for themselves and their families. “Our food philosophy has mindfulness at the heart of it. People’s belief in us has helped us grow to where we are today,” she says. Loyalists of the cafe enjoy her tasty creations that are so healthy, they can be consumed without counting calories No wonder that her door-step delivery service is in demand too, with more and more diners getting converted to her cause of compassionate and mindful eating.

Nidhi is forthright, “Health is in your kitchen. I guarantee that no one would need anti-depressants if they switched to compassionate food, which is plant-based food. Nature cannot make a mistake by not offering what we need for our body in what it grows! We can find protein, vitamin, calcium, minerals etc in the abundance of Mother Nature. When we are not aware of the power of plant-based food - that’s when we seek supplements.”

According to her, a plant-based diet has the power to not just cure it but to completely eradicate disease from our body. “Plant-based diet is the food designed for our body. We easily trust every other diet, medicine etc that are complex but food that is simple, economical, easily available and not marketed is the only source which has the power to heal,” she emphasises, recommending that you just try it for a week and experience the magic.

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