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The great scientist of history who worked for the Mughals

Friends, we all know Sawai Jaisingh of Jaipur, Sawai Jaisingh is a brave warrior and a skilled policy car of history and a very big scientist. Sawai Jai Singh had a special experience in astronomy, due to which Sawai Jai Singh had conducted many astronomical tests in India together with Aurangzeb. Jai Singh always used to do some tests due to his gun.

The great scientist of history who worked for the Mughals
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Sawai Jai Singh had constructed several observatories in Kashi Mathura Jaipur, Delhi and Indore. Sawai Jai Singh wanted to gather information of various celestial bodies through these observatories and he had written several texts with this information.

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Sawai Jai Singh The biggest objective behind the construction of these observatories was that the Newton used to use the metal instruments for scientific calculation could not accurately calculate due to the Ghising.

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Therefore, Sawai Jai Singh had chosen and built these observatory monuments. Sawai Jai Singh used to collect the exact information of weather planets etc. through these observatories and used to tell Aurangzeb about the time to come.

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Construction in the old days was marvelous. They still remain intact. That stupid statue built for Rs 3000 crores developed water logging within a year.

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