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The five humanistic steps taken by the Nazis

Nazi Germany will be remembered as long as the worst things in history are mentioned, because they demonstrated the extent of cruelty with humanity and pushed the world into another world war. But there were some things that the Nazis did for their people which are lauded till date.

The five humanistic steps taken by the Nazis
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Nazis were surprisingly sympathetic to the animals. It is believed that many top officials of the Nazi government, including Adolf Hitler, were very worried about how animals were treated and they banned animal experiments.

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Before other countries actively campaigned against tobacco use, the Nazis started a full scale war against it. The Nazi government used many experiments and studies to know the effects of tobacco on humans and came to the conclusion that it was a serious threat to the human body and was the main reason for manifold increase in lung cancer cases. . Even Hitler gave up smoking

Under Hitler, Germany started one of the most ambitious projects in the construction of the road network across the country, which would eventually inspire other countries and change the way people have traveled forever. They built highways without speed limits.

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In September 1933, immediately after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, his party began the work of social welfare on a large scale, known as the Winter Help Work, under which the party collected annual funds from the people of Germany. So that poor German people could help during the harsh time of winter.

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Although money was never publicly accounted for, but it is believed that a large amount of money came from the plunder of the houses of Jews, Catholics and homosexuals.

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Werner von Braun was a Nazi rocket scientist who played a key role in the fight for Germany during World War II. He was the pioneer in developing the V-2 rocket, the world's first long-range guided ballistic missile, which was designed to attack allied cities during retaliation during the war.He was soon included in NASA and he was the Chief Architect of Saturn V.

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i dont know.

5 Days ago


You are right, and since the victors rewrite history it is only too obvious that the Allies would paint the Nazis as evil and enemies of mankind. In fact much of the research on warfare and human tolerance to extreme conditions was stolen by the Allies who went on to develop cluster bombs and remote-controlled aerial warfare used in the Middle East - like Syria. Heil Hitler, Seig Heil Fuhrer!

7 Days ago


when they got humans to experiment the don't need to experiment on animals

9 Days ago

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