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The creepy optical illusion you need to shake your head to see – can you spot it?

A NEW optical illusion has everyone shaking their heads – and not because they’re baffled. An image is hidden in the picture, but all you’ll see at first is black and white stripes.

The creepy optical illusion you need to shake your head to see – can you spot it?
An optical illusion consisting of stripes is sending people into a frenzy (Image: Dr Michelle Dickinson/Twitter / GETTY)

An optical illusion that’s been shared hundreds of times on Twitter is blowing people’s minds. Shared by engineer Dr Michelle Dickinson to her 31.9k followers, the image is hiding a picture of an animal. At first glance, all you’ll see in the image is black and white stripes. But if you step back from your screen, or shake your head, you’ll see what’s really hidden between the lines.

Michelle wrote alongside the photo: “You can only see this optical illusion if you shake your head.”

She then added: “I’m serious, alongside a cry-laughing emoji.”

However, many people have responded to the tweet saying they had more luck shaking their phone.

One person also suggested turning your screen away at an angle.

If you want to know what the image is, the answer is below.

It’s the face of a cat.

The illusion is hiding an image of an animal (Image: Dr Michelle Dickinson/Twitter)

After working out the mystery, many people replied to Dr Michelle, saying they can see it without shaking their head.

“I see it without shaking my head. But if I cover one eye it disappears!” one person replied.

“I can see an image straight away without shaking my head,” wrote a second.

“I see it staying completely still,” tweeted another.

Meanwhile, one person suggested squinting to see the cat.

Others also suggested scrolling up and down.

The Twitter user also shared this optical illusion (Image: Dr Michelle Dickinson/Twitter)

The tweet comes after Michelle shared yet another optical illusion a few days before.

Writing: “The brain does funny things,” the Doctor posted a picture of a purple and brown pattern consisting of hexagons.

There’s also the outline of a circle within the picture.

As you stare at the image, it appears the picture is slowly twisting.

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