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The busy corporate life and the brittle thread of relationships

The busy corporate life and the brittle thread of relationships

With time, the complexities of relationships are growing deeper. The gen-next couples are busy in their draining corporate lives and most of their energy is consumed by everyday work pressure. The time spared by the office is consumed in commuting and fulfilling daily life requirements. In reality, a working couple hardly gets quality time to spend with each other on a normal working day. Well there might be exceptions who learn to build harmony between their personal and professional working schedule but the good thing about life is that it changes because of unexpected factors; Infidelity might be one of them.

According to a survey conducted by Gleeden “ 31% of unfaithful women have already had an affair with one of their neighbors!’’

As a working individual, we spend some quality time of our day working at our offices with the team members. During the hustling weekdays, the team-members are our adopted family and we build a separate connection with each individual in the team. These bondings along with the crushing corporate environment might mislead this human mind to be adventurous and go beyond its threshold sometimes.

According to a survey by Gleeden; “ 52% of women and 57% of men have already cheated on their partners during a business trip.’’

“17% of unfaithful men have a secret checking account dedicated exclusively to the extramarital expenses!’’

They say, leave your work at office and go home but is this phrase even relevant in this gold-digging world of corporates? Work-pressure often enters the walls of our homes and this is not an auspicious sign for a healthy relationship. If this state becomes a habit then it might lead to a feeling of negligence in the relationship and life can become quite monotonous.

According to a survey by Gleeden ‘’7 women out of 10 have cheated on their spouses because he was too little involved in the daily chores.’’

‘’77% of Indian women cheat because they are bored by their monotonous married life.’’

Well, it’s human nature to look out for something that we really want or desire. Everybody wants to be loved and enjoy a healthy relationship with their spouses. The problem arises when the better half is unable to fulfill these needs. This might provoke the other half to look out for meaningful relationships outside their marriage strings.

According to a survey by Gleeden ‘’72% of unfaithful Indians don’t regret having cheated on their partners.’’

‘’4 women out of 10 admitted that flirting with a stranger helped them to improve the intimacy with their official partner: infidelity can be therapeutic too!’’

These patterns in relationships are not only witnessed in prime metro cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata but also in tier-2 cities like Kochi, Jaipur and Lucknow.

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