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The brave warrior of India who had not allowed Alauddin Khilji to enter his borders

Alauddin Khilji was the most ferocious and powerful warrior of his time; Alauddin Khilji had defeated many warriors by attacking many princely states of India but Kanhad Dev Chauhan of Rajasthan's Jalore state forbade Alauddin Khilji from entering his kingdom. Had done it.

The brave warrior of India who had not allowed Alauddin Khilji to enter his borders
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Friends, when Alauddin Khilji was about to invade the Malwa principality of Gujarat, he asked Kanhardev to give him a way to get out of his kingdom, then Kanhardev forbade it with Alauddin Khilji clearly. Gave.

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Because whenever a king's army came out of some state, the farmers' crops were spoiled through the elephants of the army. On seeing this situation, Kanhardev had refused Khilji, then Khilji went to another route and looted the kingdom of Malwa.

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After returning to Delhi, he decided to attack King Kanhardev of the State of Jalore, Khilji ordered his commander Malik Kafur to attack Jalore. A fierce battle took place and in this war, the army had defeated the army badly by Kanhardev Chauhan.

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fake news, allauddin was a great king. Bjp pls don't spoil indian history

4 Months ago


abey pehley History books padh fir likh..... yeh sab BJP or RSS ki dr ki wajah say aisa film banaya hai ...... gadhey

4 Months ago


arrey sab jhoot hai gaw mutre peene wale muslim ka muqabla nahi karsakte

4 Months ago

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