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The Next Shawn Michaels of WWE

The Next Shawn Michaels of WWE
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Cedric Alexander

He is talented and one of those superstars who continued to use his full moveset on main roster. Cedric Alexander doesn't really look like an underdog but he prooved it perfectly in his match against Calisto. He looked like a perfect underdog in the match against Calisto who is smaller in size, the same underdog skills that Shawn Michaels had.


The best move solver in the WWE today in my opinion is Ricochet. He is a babyface and a perfect underdog. His high flying techniques are exceptional. The way he solves the moveset of his opponents actually gives a Shawn Michaels feeling.

Mustafa Ali

If Ali is not in this list than it will be a big lie. Not many people would notice this but Mustafa Ali takes a nasty fall in every match. Ali is one superstar who can easily make people care about him or even feel sorry just like the HBK Shawn Michaels.

Sami Zayn

If you are fan favourite then it's really easy for you to be like Shawn Michaels. In his NXT days Sami was used perfectly, he didn't look that strong but still became the NXT champion. As compared to the above superstars Sami Zayn is better when it comes to mike skills. The way in which Sami took the beat down in his NXT days, grabs all the sympathy.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph is copying Shawn Michaels openly not only with look but with finisher as well. He looks like Shawn but he is used as a heel most of the times however, he should be a baby face. Dolph Ziggler has been more successful as a baby face, the day he cashed in the money in the bank contract against Alberto Delrio, we got one of the loudest pop from the crowd. Dolph has a similar comeback style as Shawn Michaels.

Johnny Gorgano

Johnny is the closest superstars to reach at the level of Shawn Michaels. He is the walking match of the year in my opinion. He can gain sympathy from the crowd even if he is a heel just like Shawn Michaels.

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