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The Man is not defined by his Muscular Strength, but by the "Depth of his Heart"

It is not his gender, but his self-esteem and personality. He is not distinguished for his physique, but for his morals and honor. It is not his masculinity that defines him, but his right attitude and inner talents.

The Man is not defined by his Muscular Strength, but by the
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The man is determined by the appreciation that comes from every human transaction. The principles and values ​​that guide his lifestyle. The respect and self-knowledge he emits in every single presence. The relevance of his words and deeds. Taking responsibility for every mistake. The impartial logic that dominates his every decision. It is his ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. He has the courage to try and test the limits of his endurance. He achieves his goals with perseverance and tolerance. 

He does not fall and is not weakened by the obstacles presented in the arena of life. He does not give up fighting and does not run into hiding. He struggles and sticks to the hard. He bends but does not break in front of the pain. He accepts the defeats with pride. Wins with humility. It is not his charm that defines him, but the honesty and integrity that follow his steps. The authenticity of every emotion that emanates through his existence. The courage to fearlessly express his fear.

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He passionately claims that he wants without breaking his limits. He expresses his frustration and anger without spin. Manages delicate hearts with courtesy and subtlety. He exudes security and confidence through his emotional conversations. The commitments do not frighten him. He does not despair and is not lost through relationships. He does not hide behind sudden escapes and absolute silence. It is clearly explained without bias. He wears his selfishness and eliminates the complex syndromes that prevail. He has the courage to escape the "male pattern" by unfolding his sensitivities. To break the rules and be the exception by wrapping up its weaknesses. He does not resist from displaying his flaws and phobias.

He is interested in his dignity, not his image. He seeks out the essence of souls and does not use them to serve his interests. He does not deliver his '' care free nature '' and does not limit the people close to him. He puts his suit in front of the villains and does not let them touch him. He keeps distance from evil and hate and does not allow them to lure him. He does not speak with payroll and leaves no accounts open. He refuses to wear the mask of hypocrisy and fake and remains unchanged in every sign of exploitation and corruption. 

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He charts his own paths and does not wander in the crowd unnecessarily leaving people with wounds. He has learned to count his words, to calculate his steps and to judge people only by actions. He is fascinated by the inner beauty and is fascinated by his decent attitude and demeanor. Because man, my dear, your material goods, your body, your money or your possessions do not. It is a man whose sincerity is greater than his muscular strength. And his personality more powerful than his glamorous body.

Source : psychologytoday.com

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