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The Longest Train in The World

Australia is famous for its endless railway compositions, such as the Pilbara train, which transports iron from the Karratha mines to the Tom Price region. The Pilbara formation usually tends to use an average of 320 wagons per trip, but nothing compares to the railroad feat of the mining company BHP that connects the Newman iron mines with the port of Headland in the west of that country. 

On June 21, 2001 it loaded a formation of 682 wagons with 82,262 tons of iron. The formation weighed over 100,000 tons, and 8 GE AC6000 (6000 hp) locomotives were required.

The Longest Train in The World
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The formation covered 275 kilometers, and according to reports from visual witnesses of the event the ground trembled in its passage. From end to end the composition was about 7,353 km long. The reason they forced the railways to withstand such a level of vibration and temperature was in part an experiment. 

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General Electric, which manufactured the locomotives used, wanted to prove its " locotrol " configuration , in which a manned locomotive is employed in front of the train and synchronized with other unmanned locomotives distributed throughout the formation.

And if it were about longer passenger trains, they would also be in Australia: it's The Ghan, which connects Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, on the north coast of Australia, with Adelaide, the capital of the state of South Australia, on the south coast. from the country; regions separated by some 3,000 kilometers.

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The composition of The Ghan is generally between 44 and 50 1.1-kilometer wagons. Generally pushed by two locomotives this train is basically a city on track, as it has shops, restaurants, wagons that allow certain passengers to carry their cars, several luxury wagons and even a spa.

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