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The Bulgarian Brute Rusev Indicates To Leave WWE, Soon?

The Bulgarian Brute Rusev Indicates To Leave WWE, Soon?

WWE superstar Rusev has noted on Twitter that he will soon become a free agent. This is not the first time that he joked around his WWE career. But whenever such context arrives, speculations start roaming around a potential departure from the biggest pro-wrestling brand in the world. But it is surprising why a popular name like Rusev will be even mentioned in that bracket.

The Bulgarian Brute recently edited his Twitter Bio which mentioned, ‘soon to be free agent’. This definitely means that he will soon become one of the hottest free agents in pro wrestling soon.

But no confirmed updates are available till now on the future status of Rusev. No wrestling media outlets have given hint whether this man intends to leave the WWE or not.

Rusev at times is pretty much known for messing around with fans on Twitter at times. So this status may be taken with a pinch of salt especially at a time when he is in the middle of a storyline which is garnering more views than every other angle. WrestlingINC.com noted which is uncertain whereas his real-life wife will be with the WWE,

“It was confirmed back in November that Rusev’s wife Lana recently signed a new five-year deal with the company. It was reported then that Rusev was still in the middle of contract talks with WWE officials, but there’s no confirmation on when his current deal expires.”

The assumption was that Rusev may have also inked a new deal alongside Lana. But if the current Twitter bio is any indication then that’s not the case.

Yesterday night on WWE Raw, Rusev returned to in-ring competition against Bobby Lashley in a singles contest. Due to Lana’s interference, he came up short in the match. But he will receive a second chance at redemption in a mixed tag team match while facing Bobby Lashley and Lana by teaming with Liv Morgan, next week

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