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The 6 greatest works in India, see the pictures

Hello friends, In today's special post, we are going to tell you about some of the structures of India that are very amazing in itself. We hope you like the information was given by us and you will definitely share it with all of your fans. So let's know with those who are beautiful structures.

1 Chenab Bridge

The 6 greatest works in India, see the pictures
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This large bridge is built on the Chenab river in Jammu, whose structure is very huge and wonderful, the construction work has been completed and it is expected that it will be opened till next year.

2 Bengaluru Technological Park

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This technology park built in the city of Bangalore is so wonderful and magnificent that seeing its buildings makes it difficult to believe that it has been made in India itself.

3 National Fisheries Department

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This building is a government building of the National Fisheries Department, which is built in the great city of India and its beauty is very different from the world.

4 Lotus Temple

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This beautiful building is located in the Indian capital of Delhi, which was built in 1988.

5 Statue of Unity

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The idol that is located in Gujarat of India is the tallest and tallest idol in the world, which has taken 4 years to complete.

6- Salailamb dam

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Third party image reference

This beautiful park is built on the river of Kerala state, whose beauty and structure is worth seeing.

Which of the amazing folks did you find work? Please tell us in the comment box below.

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No 5 is just a waste of peoples money by stupid BJP, a 10m statue is enough, and kept in that place... govt have money to build this useless statue, but dont have money to clean the rivers in india like Ganges and other polluted rivers which become very dirty

1 Years ago


hey admin betichod you can ask us for the fisheries building where its located if u don’t know.. it’s in our lovely state telangana (hyderabad)

1 Years ago


yes no 5 useless ...waste of time and money as idiot did nothing

1 Years ago

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