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Sydney Zoo to welcome 10,000 visitors this weekend

The city’s first new zoo in 100 years officially welcomed visitors today, with the public able to view more than 95 species from across Australia, Southeast Asia and Africa, including wombats, emus, baboons, spider monkeys, lions and zebras.

After much anticipation, Sydney Zoo officially opened its gates today having sold out all sessions for the opening weekend on November 25th.

“We decided to sell in session times to manage the crowd and make sure everyone gets the full experience,” said Managing Director, Jake Burgess.

The weekend is set to be a busy one with plenty of people flooding through the gates.

“We had 400 on the doorstep waiting to get in at 9am this morning. Over the opening weekend, we’re expecting roughly 10,000 people to walk through the gates,” Mr Burgess added.

Sydney Zoo to welcome 10,000 visitors this weekend

Crowds of visitors line up to enter Sydney Zoo, which aims to inspire change by creating a sense of wonder and appreciation for diverse creatures of the world. Picture: Sam RuttynSource:News Corp Australia

Sydney Zoo opened to the public in Western Sydney today. Picture: Sam RuttynSource:News Corp Australia

The Bungarribee attraction has a lot to offer and guests will never get bored while observing the 90 species and over 2000 animals.

“The zoo is in 4 precincts – Australia, Primates, South-East Asia and Africa. We have ambassador species that hero the region so we can deliver information about the region not just the animal,” Mr Burgess said.

Dave Pickles with wife Rebecca and kids Ethan and Owen take a selfie with the lions at Sydney Zoo today. Picture: Sam RuttynSource:News Corp Australia

The Pickle family, who made it out for one of the zoo’s early sessions, are already big fans of the place having purchased an annual pass in advance.

“We used to go to Taronga but having a zoo so close, that we can visit between naps, is great! We’ll definitely be back next week or the week after,” said mum of two, Rebecca Pickle.

“The zoo is so open and spacious so it’s a nice place to just walk around with the kids,” she added.

“The population out here is spiking. It’ll bring people out west and it’s also good to have something big to do locally,” added Rebecca’s husband, Dave Pickle.

Nika, one of two Sumatran tigers that have arrived from Dreamworld, gets familiar with the new exhibit at Sydney Zoo. Picture: Toby ZernaSource:News Corp Australia

When making a trip to the zoo, Jake Burgess has some tips on how to make the most of your visit.

“To make the most of your day, join our Wild-FI network so we can keep you up to date with animal feeding sessions, wear a hat and sunscreen and visit our misting stations to stay cool. “We’ve also got a wide array of food choices to suit a range of diets across our five cafe

outlets and one restaurant so we’ve got your family covered for a good meal,” he said.

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