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Surprising: China will make 1000 bed hospital for the corona virus victims in next 6 days

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Surprising: China will make 1000 bed hospital for the corona virus victims in next 6 days
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There is concern worldwide about the corona virus. All kinds of alerts are being declared about the virus. 26 people have also died so far. Most patients of this virus are being found in China. Its center has also been found here.

Alert has been declared all over China, teams are engaged to prevent it, but after that now China is making more preparations to deal with it. The Chinese administration is preparing to build a 1000-bed hospital for the corona virus victims in the next 6 days. Work will be done day and night for this. According to DailyMail and Xinhua News, rapid work has been started for this temporary structure hospital.

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Work started on saturday

Work on it was started on a piece of land in the city's Cadian district on Saturday night. Work has been started by depositing trucks and excavator equipment on this land, more than 200 people have started working here with full vigor. A footage of this has also been released by the state broadcaster CCTV. The released footage shows lorries containing lining material at the construction site and dozens of excavators are already digging the soil.

According to the report, the hospital will include several temporary buildings, but officials are still deciding whether they will use pre-built components in wards converted from assembled ships or shipping containers. Officials will soon release a blueprint for the entire hospital. Currently the building of this building has been assigned to four government-run firms, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, Wuhan Construction Engineering Group, Wuhan Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute as well as Wuhan Hyun Municipal Construction Group.

200 machines and 500 workers started work

According to the Hubei Daily, 500 workers were instructed to start construction at 8 o'clock last night. On Saturday morning, around 200 heavy vehicles were operating non-stop. The deputy manager of Wuhan Construction Engineering Group said that the company is doing its best to gather the workforce. A spokesperson for the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau said the firm had asked more than 500 workers to be on standby.

Actually, the workers who work here before Chinese New Year go out of big cities, due to which there is a slight shortage these days. The hospital has started to be built on a temporary medical center, it was built in Beijing in 2003 to deal with SARS in seven days and treated a seventh of the country's SARS patient in two-month intervals.

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Closed Historic Places

China has closed many of its historical sites due to the corona virus. Now the movement of tourists has been stopped there. To prevent the spread of new coronoviruses, it has announced the closure of tourist attractions and public transport systems. At least 24 people have died in Hubei province. The Great Wall of China and part of Disneyland have been closed in China. Authorities tried to stop people fearing the outbreak of the Wuhan Corona virus as 10,000 people were already vulnerable to the virus.

People are locking houses

In the last few days, about 40 million people from about 14 cities have left their homes. Alam is that public transport is stopped here and roads are closed. A report written by researchers from England, Scotland and Florida predicted that around 350,000 people were infected with the virus in Wuhan city of China alone.

In the US, a Washington state man is being monitored after the disease is confirmed and other suspected cases are being tested in California and Texas. Across the Atlantic, British authorities have tested 14 people but none of the cases have been confirmed yet.

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