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Sunny Deol stays at his house like this, See these pictures of Sunny

Sunny Deol may not be doing films today, but his stardom has not gone. Sunny Deol has still very much fan today. If Sunny Deol started doing films like before, then he started playing again today. But now we will show you something like these photos that you may not have seen.

Sunny Deol stays at his house like this, See these pictures of Sunny
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Here you will see how Sunny Deol lives at his house. Sunny Deol lives with his father and son in a way that you are able to see here in this photo. They are very funny with children.

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Apart from home, Sunny Deol also keeps going to his farm and this photo is of his form. Sunny Deol loves nature, he also likes to go to the farm. Dharmendra himself also likes to stay in the farm.

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Sunny Deol's special dog also has a lot of fun with him. You can see the photo of him while having fun with this dog and how he is having fun with Sunny Deol.

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Now there should be pictures of Sunny Deol's house. Sunny Deol likes to eat green vegetables in his house and this is his strength too.

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Few people are able to know the personal life of Sunny Deol. This is Sunny Deol's sister who is like her. Sunny Deol often visits his sister.

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Saleem Ansari315

Jis constituency se jeete hai Sunny Deol kitni baar gai hain awaam ko Sunny batayenge.

14 Days ago

Kattu Battu

the author must be a graduate from oxford

15 Days ago


I can't see any pics but only faint deer head. Also author needs to improve his English language urgently before posting any other article

15 Days ago

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