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Strong back, stable stomach: Five long-standing benefits of Bhadrasan

Strong back, stable stomach: Five long-standing benefits of Bhadrasan
New Delhi, News24 Bureau, June 12: Yoga is the latest craze and is hailed as the best means to remain healthy, beautiful and disease free. Bhadrasna has many spiritual as well as health benefits and is one of the four meditative postures. After a stressful day, this Yogasan gives vigour and energy and is said to re-energise immediately. As a precursor to the International Yoga Day, PM Narendra Modi is tweeting the benefits of one Yoga posture a day. It becomes all the more relevant then to know about the benefits of this aasan.

The straight line or the alignment of the body as one performs this aasan while activating the Muladhara Chakra and heals all the sufferings of the body and mind. This aasan is also known as the destroyer of all diseases.Here are the five benefits of Bhadrasna:1. This aasan has a wonderful effect on back and is said to be a reliever for back pain. It gives a healthy and strong spinal column.2. If you are tired then this aasan re-energises you immediately. If you sit just a couple of minutes in this posture you are immediately relieved of pain and stress.3. This is also a wonderful aasan to get immediate relief from leg pains and for flexible legs.4. This aasan also a wonderful treatment for stomach related diseases like constipation and acidity5. To feel stable and comfortable this aasan works like a magicGracious posture, as it is commonly called, it naturally rejuvenates the body and makes you feel fresh. Through Muladhara Chakra, we receive nourishment and are able to progress towards the state of self-realization.This also reduces hyper mental activity and allows it the space to rest in peace and tranquillity. In the gracious pose, the pranic energy is directed upwards that confers the practitioners with a healthy body and mind.

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