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Sony IMX686 image sensor teased with sample shots

Since the past few months, Chinese tipsters have been claiming that the IMX686 is the next flagship phone image sensor from Sony. A new video teaser of the Sony IMX686 has been shared through Sony China’s Weibo account.  The video includes some of the sample shots captured using the next-generation image sensor.

Sony is yet to reveal the details of the Sony IMX686. The sample images are shown through the video shown below. Hopefully, the Japanese tech giant will roll out a press release to reveal the configuration and features of the image sensor along with actual camera samples.

The Sony IMX686 is not yet available on any smartphone. The sample shots were taken by using a prototype board with Sony IMX686 sensor connected to a PC. The sample shots show that the IMX686 can capture highly detailed photos in any lighting conditions. Some of the shots show the wide-angel photo capturing capabilities of the sensor.

The numbering of the Sony IMX686image sensor indicates that it could be the successor of the Sony IMX586 lens that was unveiled in 2018. It is the latest major image sensor for mobile devices. It has been used on many flagship phones and some mid-rangers that were designed to offer flagship-grade photo shooting experience. Samsung has recently launched the 64-megapixel and 108-megapixel camera sensors. Sony’s IMX686 could be a 60-megapixel or 64-megapixel lens that may offer richer photography experience than Samsung’s product.

A reliable Chinese tipster has claimed that the Sony IMX686 sensor will be available on the upcoming Huawei Nova 6 smartphone. Other leaks have revealed that phones like OPPO Reno 3v and Vivo X30 Pro will be also equipped with Sony IMX686.

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Sony IMX686 image sensor teased with sample shots
Sony IMX686 sample

Please note that the above shown images are not actual camera samples but screengrabs from Sony’s Sony IMX686 teaser video. The sample images suggest that the Sony IMX686 will offer stellar photography and experience. Hopefully, phones featuring the new image sensor from Sony may hit the Chinese markets before the end of 2019.

Which phone could be the first device featuring the Sony IMX686? Share us your views by posting your comments below.

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