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Someone inform NASA about 9 baje 9 minute: Twitter goes into overdrive imagining fake pics from space

Someone inform NASA about 9 baje 9 minute: Twitter goes into overdrive imagining fake pics from space
With Prime Minister Modi asking people to switch off their lights and light candles and diyas or turn on the torches on their mobile phones for nine minutes at 9:00 pm on the 5th of April, there are now photos depicting the same.

"NASA will release images of India on 5th April," proclaimed one Twitter user. The post had two pictures attached -- one brightly lit up map of India from 8:59 pm and a second image from 9:00 pm which shows the country illuminated by tiny pinpricks of candle light.

Announcing the idea Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that this was an initiative to show solidarity.

“This is to show that none of us are alone and we stand together in this fight,” he had said on Friday morning.

Apart from those who spoke about NASA images, there were others who wanted to boycott the organisation in favour of ISRO. Others, for some of the other mysterious reason thought the space organisation could learn from the Prime Minister's idea. We're still unsure as to how they would take the idea.

Given some of the responses, we're not sure how many of the posts were satirical in nature. After all, there were Twitter users who declaimed vociferously that since the virus cannot survive in the heat, and light creates heat, it was a '#MasterstrokeByModiji'.

We have an article debunking these theories, if case you were wondering.

Interestingly enough, it does not seem to strike these individuals that usage of electrical lights in full strength can give generate a greater amount of heat.

Nor do they seem to remember that the increasingly high temperatures of the approaching summer have not yet managed to do anything to the virus.

Coming back to the topic at hand, Twitter it would seem, has a baffling new trending topic. NASA is trending on the social media site, but not for any reason that would strike you off the top of your head.

As we wrote above, the reason why NASA is trending, is because Prime Minister Modi has asked people to light candles for 9 minutes on Sunday.

Take a look at some of the Tweets below to get a better idea of what we're talking about:

Topic: #nasa
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a message from chandrayan 11.... cow urine fail to cure corona virus but by lightening candle kill all the corona virus in india.By 5april india will be free corona nation😂

2 Months ago


Trying to grab satellite image of place and identity hotspots which do not follow modi ... they will be dealt accordingly later

2 Months ago


bakhts going crazy for nothing,ram setu banao tum log srilanka se he aayenge tum logo ke dimaag ko overhaul ke zaroorat hai

2 Months ago

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