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Some unsolved mysteries of India which is a headache for scientists, do you know about it

The Kongka La Pass in Ladakh:

The region is situated on the disputed border of India and China, and is actually the most inaccessible place in the world. In 1962, the armies of the two countries were engaged in an intense conflict. Subsequently, both China and India entered into an agreement, according to which no one would be allowed to patrol the area, but could monitor it from a distance. Subsequently, a popular belief floated that the Konga La Pass in Ladakh is a secret base of UFOs. The region has not always been an individual's land due to its territorial boundaries and that is why UFOs have chosen it as their operational base.

Some unsolved mysteries of India which is a headache for scientists, do you know about it
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Reportedly, many have seen these UFOs and both Indian and Chinese governments are aware of these incidents. In 2006, Google Maps stunned the world with some images that favored military facilities, but to this day the whole affair remains mysterious and obscure.

Mass Bird Suicide, Jatinga Assam:

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Jatinga is a small village in Assam and people here experience an event which is still mysterious. This incident is mass bird suicide. This event occurs every year between the months of September and November; Hundreds of local and migratory birds fly and crash into buildings and trees, apparently for no reason. The incident is yet to be resolved by scientists and locals believe that it is the handiwork of evil spirits. This makes Jatinga a creepy destination where there is a mystery to the people.

Skeleton Lake:

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Roopkund Lake is at an altitude of about 16500 feet above sea level and is also known as the Sankal Lake. In 1942, skeletal remains were first observed when snow began to melt during the harsh summer. A British forest guard saw a large number of human skeletons lying randomly and swimming on the shores of the lake. Initially, skeletons were thought to be the remains of Japanese soldiers who died during the war, but in 2004 the theory received a setback. In 2004, it was discovered that the remains belonged to 850 BC. Since then, many theories have been put forward to explain this phenomenon, but people are still searching for answers. One can still see these remains during summer when the snow begins to melt.


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Gyanganj - The City of live! Can you believe it India is truly amazing to have such secrets. In fact, many mysterious terrains associated with the Himalayas are due to its territorial boundaries. According to ancient Tibetan and Indian stories, this place is called the city of mystical immortal beings. People cannot go there or have any idea about its existence. Furthermore, it is believed that this place has defined itself so brilliantly that no modern technology can help you reach it. Many Mahatmas and Sages believe that at this place one can attain ultimate knowledge and peace.

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