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Some unknown habits of Bollywood celebrities

Some unknown habits of Bollywood celebrities

Sanjay Dutt

He might have reduced his alcohol intake. But the actor still can't let go of his Gutka! He was even caught consuming tobacco at a cancer awareness event!


Rani Mukharjee

What’s your morning drug? While normal people prefer a cup of tea or coffee as soon as they wake up, Rani is addicted to cigarettes. She just cannot do without her morning puff.


Sushmita Sen

I don’t know about you but snakes do scare the hell out of me. But unlike normal people, Sushmita Sen is actually fond of snakes. So much so, she even has a python as a pet at her place. Wait, that’s not all. The actress doesn’t enjoy bathing in her huge washroom, instead prefers to take bath in the open, preferably her terrace! Apparently, Sush even has a habit of smoking.


Shahid Kapoor

He loves his brew. Shahid is so addicted to coffee that he ends up drinking about 10 cups a day.



The eternal diva is known for her Kanjivaram sarees. And notably, she always sticks to a crimson or chocolate coloured lipstick when making a public appearance.



The iconic actor has a rather iconic habit too. So our grandmothers told us to eat papaya when suffering from constipation, but not inside the toilet for God's sake! Well, Jeetu ji needs to eat his bowl of fruit while he is pooping! *Too much information*


Ameesha Patel

She is totally obsessed with the colour pink. Most part of her house is done in pink. Even her wardrobe flaunts her favourite colour.

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I person will actually die if he consume 10 cups of coffee a day due to lots of caffeine in it..... You said that in sarcastic way.. Right mate??

1 Months ago

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