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Some old pictures related to history you have never seen

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The following photos are ones you've probably never seen in those old, dusty texts before. The range from pivotal historical times to behind-the-scenes looks of classic movie moments. They are all unforgettable in their own way and they all prove what we already know: Humans are fascinating.

Today, with a multi-megapixel camera in every pocket and more than 350 million images uploaded to Facebook alone each day, fewer and fewer events escape visual capture and thus a certain immortality.

Thus it's now easy to forget that the photograph, first invented in 1826 or 1827, has only existed for the most recent three percent of recorded history, and only been in regular use for an even smaller fraction of that time.

1. Look at the rare pictures of history, like the Jalebi making confectionery picture

Some old pictures related to history you have never seen
Third party image reference

2. My dear children who are appearing in the photo, all of you

Third party image reference

3. Some guests of the village are carrying a water on their heads

Third party image reference

Third party image reference

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life was so quiet and cool n healthy.

4 Days ago


Old photos and new brand of English. Photos are easy to understand but the English is hard to understand.

10 Days ago

Laxmi Bai

great photos

1 Months ago

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