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Some Important Secrets About The "Volcanism" !

● All phenomena that connected with the movement of heated materials from the interior or towards the surface of the Earth belong to volcanism.

Some Important Secrets About The
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● A vent or opening, through which heated materials such as gases, water, liquid lava, fragments of rocks are ejected from the highly heated interior to the surface of the Earth is a volcano.

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● All volcanoes are classified into three groups such as

1. Active Volcano – the volcano which errupt periodically is known as Active volcano. Examples are Etna, Stromboli and Mayon.

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2. Dormant Volcano – The volcano which become quiet after their eruption for some time, id called so. Fujiyama, Krakatoa and Barren Island are some examples.

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3. Extinct volcano – These volcanoes have no identification of future eruption.

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