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Some Amazing Psychological facts about Love

Love is a divine feeling. Everyone is not lucky enough to experience the beauty and joy of love. But those who experience it remember this feeling for whole of their life. Here are some Psychological facts about love.

Some Amazing Psychological facts about Love

1.Love at first sight is not only a saying but it is a truth. According to the scientist it takes only two to three minutes for someone to fall in love with anyone. So you must remember that first expression is the last expression and it should be best if you really want to impress someone.

2.When two people who truly love each other , look into each other’s eyes for about three minutes , their heart beats sync up with each other. And this is why heart plays a major role in love.


3.Being in love is identical to being addicted with drugs such as cocaine because in both situations the mind behaves in the same way and produces same chemicals.

4.When we are in love we often do stupid things and behave abnormally. It all happens due to a chemical called cortisol.


5.The fourth finger of the left hand has the Vena Amoris which is called the vein of love. It is believed that it is connected directly to the heart.

6.Research suggests that men are more likely to get attracted towards those women who have some similarities with their mother.

7.Broken heart is not only an expression but a serious medical condition and people do suffer from it and even lose their life.

Source: loveislife.com(12/12/19)

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