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Simple steps to keep teeth healthy

Simple steps to keep teeth healthy
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80 to 90 percent of the children, particularly those with tooth diseases, are also suffering from Dental. In addition to children, teeth diseases are present in particular.

- If the hot water or hot foods are eaten by having a lot of cold water or cold foods, the teeth quickly fall.

- There are also teeth diseases due to the consumption of cold water and cold foods and hot items alone and hot water. This should avoid such intake.

- After eating, the teeth should be cleaned and frosted. It should be kept in mind that grain particles are not trapped in the teeth.

By mixing salt and mustard oil before sleeping at night, once in a month, you should slit your teeth with your thighs and leave it to sleep. By doing this, the teeth will remain strong even in old age.

- Once a week, sesame oil, rubbed on the teeth, squeezing sesame oil, the teeth will remain strong till old age.

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