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Shane Warne in trouble again! Cricket legend gets banned from driving

The latest off-field issue engulfing Shane Warne is a 12-month driving ban imposed upon him by a court of England.

Shane Warne in trouble again! Cricket legend gets banned from driving

If Shane Warne is around, controversy can't be too far away. Even as he has transitioned from a cricketer to a commentator, the retired cricketer manages to get on the pages of English tabloids for the wrong reasons. The latest episode that the legendary former spinner finds himself in has resulted in a ban from driving for a period of 12 months.

The infringement for which he has been punished took place last year in Kensington, England. In a zone where the speed limit was 40mph, the former Aussie cricketer drove at 47mph. This incident took place on August 23, 2018. But the penalty imposed on Warne isn't merely the result of this transgression.

This incident came after five other cases of overspeeding. The accumulation of penalty points led to the 12 month ban which the spinner will now have to suffer. Having a home in England and spending a lot of time in that country means it will hamper the conveyance of the Aussie icon.

While delivering her judgement, the Deputy District Judge in the Wimbledon Magistrates' Court stated: "There are 15 points to take into account together with the three I must impose today. Between April 2016 and August last year Warne committed six speeding offences.

"It may well be that none on its own were particularly serious but for points disqualification purposes the triviality of the offences is not to be taken into account. A period of 12 months is necessary for the purposes I have mentioned."

Some weeks ago, Warne found himself in the tabloid pages for an alleged sex orgy that he engaged in at his London home. The Sun reported that Warne had two prostitutes brought over to his house and they along with Warne and his unknown partner indulged in noisy and loud activities that left the neighbours rather disturbed.

The reputation of 50-year old former leg-spinner for Australia as a playboy and controversial character is well-established due to numerous affairs and sexual escapades. Despite the passage of time and a change in his career, the man with 708 Test wickets continues to find himself in such cases.

Interestingly, in his autobiography titled 'No Spin,' ghost written by Mark Nicholas, Warne candidly admits that 'I really like sex.' Later in an interview to Michael Vaughan for BBC, he explained his comments further by saying that he wouldn't have got into half the troubles he has if it wasn't for his carnal hunger.

While not being allowed to drive would impede Warne a lot during his stay in London, he won't be too badly affected by the fines imposed on him for the same crime. A fine of £900, costs of £775 and a surcharge of £170 are substantial monetary punishments incurred by the former cricketer but not too heavy for a person with his financial strength.

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