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Shah Rukh Khan will not play the role of Mogambo in Ali Abbas Zafar's Mr India 2

Shah Rukh Khan has decided he will not be a part of Mr India 2 as he does not want to play any negative roles.

One of the classics movies of the film industry, Mr India originally released in 1987, is in great buzz on social media for its upcoming sequel. Zee Studios, in collaboration with Ali Abbas Zafar, has announced a sequel of Mr India recently. The news of a remake of the cult hit film has taken over the social media by storm.

Earlier reports had claimed that Ranveer Singh was in-line to revive the iconic role of Mr India in the sequel, while director Ali Abbas Zafar wanted Shah Rukh Khan in the shoes of legendary character Mogambo.

Shah Rukh Khan will not play the role of Mogambo in Ali Abbas Zafar's Mr India 2

Shah Rukh Khan turns down role

Now as per latest reports Shah Rukh Khan has also turned down from the role of Mogambo's role which again is a challenge for the makers.

The latest developments come as a surprise to the makers of Mr India 2, as Shah Rukh Khan does not want to play a negative role at this point of his career.

A source close to these developments revealed to the Deccan Chronicle: "Director Ali Abbas Zafar approached Shah Rukh for Mogambo's role in Mr India, but Shah Rukh declined the role. It would be foolhardy for him to take on an iconic role like Mogambo, which Amrish Puri has immortalized. It would be stupid of any actor to touch that role. Shah Rukh, in any case, is not doing any negative roles."

While the remake may be in the making, someone has clearly forgotten to inform director Shekhar Kapur about Mr India 2, as he recently lashed out on Twitter revealing that nobody had approached him for the rights of his film.

"No one has even asked me or mentioned to me about this film called Mr India 2. I can only guess that they using the title to get a big weekend. For they cannot use the characters/story without permission from the original creators of the film," tweeted Kapur.

And to further add to the drama, Zee Studios maintained this stance regarding the remake as they tweeted, "This is not a Part 2 or a remake of the older film, as recently reported in some sections of the media, but a re-imagining of the iconic classic."

Even though the film is in the planning stage as of yet, there's already a lot of drama surrounding it. It should be interesting to see how events unfold from here onwards. Seems like Ranveer Singh will have to wait for his chance to portray the iconic character of Mr India.

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