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Screening of the film was stopped 2 weeks later.This was due to Sanjay Dutts arrest.

Hello and welcome to the Entertainment Diary. We are back with another article for you. This time we are going to tell you some interesting facts about the movie "Kshatriya". So here we go...

Screening of the film was stopped 2 weeks later.This was due to Sanjay Dutts arrest.
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Last movie of Sunny Deol and Sanjay Dutt together till date.

Screening of the film was stopped 2 weeks later.This was due to Sanjay Dutts arrest.The film was banned.

JP Dutta originally wanted Amitabh Bachchan for Vinod Khanna role.

This was Divya Bharti's last release while she was alive.

The film was caught in major controversy due to the sacrificing animal scenes. Animal rights activists wanted the animal beheading scenes to be removed.

The director of movie J.P Dutta didn't wanted the shooting to be in Rajasthan as he had already filmed two movies in Rajasthan but when the producer of the movie insisted him for shooting the movie in Rajasthan then he agreed to the same.

This is the only movie that Vinod Khanna and Sunny Deol starred in.

When announced, the film was to star 'Meenakshi Seshadhri', Manisha Koirala and Raveena Tandon as the leading ladies. But the cast was subsequently changed to Raveena Tandon and 'Divya Bharti'.

This was the first film of Sunny Deol to release theatrically in Canada. Indian films stopped playing in the theatre in 1982 . In 1992 theatre's began screening Indian films.

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The film brought together real life fathers and sons, Dharmendra-Sunny and Sunil-Sanjay Dutt (though Sunil-Sanjay Dutt did not share the screen together)

The film was originally titled "Warrior".

Zeba Bhaktiar was signed for the film but later replaced by Dolly Minhas.

Model Ranjeev Mulchandani was approached for Salim Fatehi's role.

Meenakshi had recorded 2 songs in her voice for the film. J.P Dutta decided to only use two lines of a unreleased song sung by Meenakshi . The songs were not included on the audio cassette of the film.

Tisca Chopra went and auditioned for the film went gave a screen test. The boy's role opposite her was yet to be filled. So she recommended fellow model Salim Fatehi for the role. Salim auditioned and was signed immediately as J.P.Dutta liked what he saw . But in the process Tisca lost the film because J.P. Dutta did not like her screen test .

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Chandni was offered the film but her secretary advised her to decline the film and do stage shows which paid more.

J.P. Dutta wanted Rekha for the film but was unable to get her dates due to her personal problems. Meenakshi was then signed for the role. This was one of Meenakshi's last movies before her retirement and also her sixth movie opposite Vinod Khanna

Sanjay Dutt 1 release of the year followed by Khalnayak Sahibaan Gumrah. Khalnayak and Gumrah was successful at the box office.

Dutta later stated he went wrong with the real life father son casting of Sunil Dutt with Sanjay Dutt and Dharmendra with Sunny Deol. He felt the audience was bored with the predictability.

Dutta stated Kshatriya one film I am very unhappy about. I am not happy with myself for that film. I was not getting success at the box office. And I wanted to make a film which would. Thank god, it didn't work. Because then I would be making a Kshatriya Part 2 and Part 3.That's what I mean. When you don't believe in something, it doesn't work.Hathiyar was not a hit, but the critics praised it and it's one of my best films to date. Your films might not do well, but it won't run you down either. It will always get you respect.So, it's basically a question whether you want to make money or earn respect. I have made a decision that I will make films which will earn me respect. So I don't mind the brickbats at the box office.

Despite a record breaking number of artists together the film was completed in 12 months flat from October 1991 to October 1992. It was scheduled to release November 20th 1992 however communal riots started in Mumbai literally two days before the film's release. All films were stopped for a 4 week period and no major producer would release their films until April 1993. This caused major delays for completed films like Kshatria, Damini, Parampara and Lootere all which were to release in November and December 1992.

Divya Bharti clashed with Bindiya Goswami and J.P.Dutta over Raveena Tandon. She felt they were giving Raveena preferred and better treatment in the film. Raveena had grown close to Bindiya and Dutta. They would go for dinners etc. Divya on the other hand was not able to communicate with Dutta on any level. Once Divya was on the sets smoking and laughing loud. Dutta yelled at her to get serious about her work and stop smoking in front of him or else he would throw her off the sets . On another occasion Divya arrived on the sets and thought Raveena had a better outfit on. She yelled at Bindiya and said she would walk off unless a suitable outfit was made available. Divya kept insisting that Dutta and Bindiya were favoring Raveena.

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A major incident occurred during the making of Kshatriya. Dutta was shooting in Bikaner Rajasthan. He had dates for all the actors involved, including a very busy Sanjay Dutt . One afternoon a private aircraft landed close to the large Bikaner fort where Dutta was shooting with all the stars in-front of a massive crowd. Four tough looking men got off the aircraft and headed straight for J.P.Dutta in a menacing way. J.P. Dutta walked up right to them and asked what their problem was. They stated they were sent by Feroz Khan sahab from Banglore where Feroz Khan was shooting for Yalgaar. Feroz Khan stated he needed Sanjay Dutt back in Banglore by hook or crook. J.P. Dutta took one look at them and told them to "f...k off". He stated he had all the official dates of Sanjay Dutt and Feroz or any Khan for that matter could not take Sanjay Dutt away. The men threatened J.P.Dutta saying he would encounter serious problems . They told Dutta he did not know the power of Feroz Khan sahab. Dutta simply walked away and Sanjay Dutt watched on helplessly.

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