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Science will never understand these mysteries which are related to Hinduism, must read

1. We all know that in Hinduism, snake is given higher status after cow. Even today snakes are worshiped in the country Sheshnaag which is considered to be a 10-snake snake on which Lord Vishnu sits. Nag Devata is also wrapped around Lord Shiva's neck. It is believed that some snakes have a special type of gem. If a gem is found by a human, then it becomes immortal. It is also a mystery.

Science will never understand these mysteries which are related to Hinduism, must read
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2. It is told in the Ramayana that when Laxman had come in a position to die due to using Meghnad's weapon in the war, Hanuman ji went to get Sanjeevani booti for him. And Laxman ji was given life. Researchers say that this plant works as a medicine that regulates our immune system. And also protects from radioactivity. It is still a mystery.

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3. You must have known that the Apsaras in heaven used to give the gods a special kind of drink. Which was called Somaras. Some scholars say that Somaras is a form of alcohol which the gods used to drink for pleasure. In the Rigveda, there is a talk of having yogurt and milk in the Somaras. But everyone knows that alcohol does not contain milk and curd. Milk can be added to cannabis, but if not yogurt, it is clear that there is no Someras liquor or cannabis. So what was Somaras is also a mystery.

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4. Surprised to know that a person is born again after death. According to Hinduism, only the body of a man dies, not his soul. The soul renounces one body and enters another. This is called rebirth. But science has confusion over rebirth. There is no evidence that can prove the soul's movement from one body to another. It is still a mystery.

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What do we say about this article? We say "TATTI WRITER TATTI POST"! Why don't you write on better subjects? Myths are ancient man's interpretation of event or the environment around him, which change drastically in the retelling. Science does not claim to be superior to religion. It simply tries to find a logical or rational explanation for myths and superstitions. It is not against religion; it only tries to corroborate or legitimise myths using empirical evidence and laboratory methods.

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some mysteries are beyond science

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Bloody idiot You raped the English language

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