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School kids in Japan create adorable graduation in Minecraft

School kids in Japan create adorable graduation in Minecraft
Maybe this could be the start of more Minecraft graduations. Microsoft

Aside from the out there, Japan is the home of , and the cutest graduation ever to exist -- in a video game.

As schools close across the world in a bid to help stem the spread of , kids from one elementary school in Japan () banded together and created their own virtual graduation ceremony in Minecraft. And they weren't told to do it by teachers or parents.

"What are you doing?" Japanese Twitter user 's post reads (translated by SoraNews24), showing the virtual graduation his son had put together with his friends.

"We all decided to have a graduation ceremony together!" his son replied.

"Oh? Awesome. The elementary students gathered to start graduation themselves."

Here's an adorable video @backyennew posted of his son loving the virtual school sendoff.

Like across the world, elementary students in Japan won't experience their graduation ceremonies. Japan's school year finishes up in March, but have already been shut for around three weeks.

In the US, schools in have closed up shop and parents are turning to online resources for education and entertainment. If you're one of them, thankfully there are to keep the learning momentum going.

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