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Sarfaraz Ignored Pak PM Imran Khan's Advice And Now Both Of Them Are Getting Slammed After India's Defeat Of Pakistan At World Cup 2019

Hack:Imran Khan had given advice to Pakistan captain Sarfaraz for the match versus India at the World CupSarfaraz, however, took another routeBoth of them are being discussed online after India won the match and kept up its dominance over Pakistan at the World Cup

Sarfaraz Ignored Pak PM Imran Khan's Advice And Now Both Of Them Are Getting Slammed After India's Defeat Of Pakistan At World Cup 2019

Advice given to the Pakistan team by the country's Prime Minister wasn't heeded, netizens are pointing out, as they continue to dissect India's massive win at the World Cup over their arch-rivals.

Ahead of the match, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had gone on an advice spree, donning his World Cup-winning captain's hat and writing the following:

First, he remarked on how the importance of mental strength had increased since the time he was playing:

He elaborated on how the Pakistan captain Sarfaraz would have to be at his daring best:

In specific advice to Sarfaraz, Imran Khan said that all fear of losing should be banished from the Pak captain's mind:

He proceeded to give advice, highlighting that full-timers (not Raillu Kattas) should be picked and that Pakistan must bat first unless there is specific reason to not.

He proceeded to repeat his point about not being afraid of losing:

However, people have pointed out that Imran Khan's advice wasn't strictly adhered to, and they also challenged the Pak PM to resign if the advice doesn't lead to a win. Here's some of the responses he got:

Some told Imran Khan to adhere by his own advice:

Some hit out at Sarfaraz for doing exactly the opposite - winning the toss and electing to bowl.

The viral meme from a previous Pakistan loss at the World Cup also came up:

Sarfaraz was really not getting a lot of love from Pakistan fans:

The viral image of Sarfaraz yawning during the match has also been used:

While some continued to blame Sarfaraz...

Others also hit out at Imran Khan:

At the Old Trafford cricket stadium in Manchester, in a rain-interrupted match, India batted first and scored 336/5 in 50 overs. Pakistan, meanwhile, stumbled and stuttered, losing wickets at regular intervals apart from the Zaman-Azam partnership and ultimately lost by the D/L method by 89 runs, with their score at 212/6 in 40 overs.

Next up for India are Afghanistan on June 22.

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He should be renamed from Sarfaraz to Sarfira

4 Months ago

Laxmi Bai

Ask Pak army to remove Imran

4 Months ago


wwell after 100 run partnership they collapsed in between when chasing first batting won't going to make any difference Pakistani fate sealed it going to loose

4 Months ago

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