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Sara Ali Khan did propose to this person, he is no more around us today

Famous Youtuber and Ace of Space Contestant Danish zehen are no longer among us. Last few weeks ago the Danish car crashed on the express highway. He died on the spot. Danish car crash has crashed badly

Sara Ali Khan did propose to this person, he is no more around us today
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Danish had gone to a wedding shortly before the accident and was returning from there. While coming back, Danish also made a video on Instagram. In Ace of Space, Danish went as a contestsist. Danish Elimination took place a 1 month ago. Danish played the game very well.

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Mastermind Vikas Gupta of Ace of Space and other celebrities are in mourning due to the sudden death of Danish. He posted on Instagram and said that he will now tell Ace of Space Contestant. Why can not Danish come back?

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Explain that a 1 month ago, Sarah Ali Khan came to promote Kedarnath in Ace of Space. There they also propose to the Danish. All of us are in mourning after hearing such sudden bad news of Danish. It is difficult to believe that he is no longer in our midst.

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Friends, please do not hesitate to give peace to the soul of Danish Javan. Like, share, and follow up for such news every day.

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bas ab toh dua hai ki danish jaha bhi hai allah khush rakhe AUR DANISH KO JANNAT MILE AMEEN

2 Months ago

Iron Man

Last pic of this post is really the last pic of his life... rip Danish Zehen

2 Months ago

bashir khan

what is the big deal if he died there r hundred of people dieing every day and he is the one of them

1 Months ago

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