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Sanya Malhotra: Things are changing as people are making more content-driven films

Sanya Malhotra, who was last seen in Photograph, said that she has stopped seeking validation.

Sanya Malhotra: Things are changing as people are making more content-driven films

Sanya Malhotra was last seen in Photograph opposite Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Sanya Malhotra, who debuted with Aamir Khan's Dangal, is one of the actresses who is writing new chapters for women in Bollywood. The actress believes that now women in the industry are not meant to just look pretty. They are doing good projects which are centred on women.

During an event in Delhi, the Pataakha actress said, "Things are changing as people are making more content-driven films, just like the films I have done. In Pataakha I had to look completely different. Now even female actors are changing their looks, they don't put themselves as the conventional actors, who are only looking pretty and dancing."

Sanya said that today in the age of social media people crave for validation but she feels confident in her own skin. At the event she said, "This is not only for an actress but for everyone. After posting a picture, they need validation from random people. And when they get one like, they start feeling that they are extremely pretty. There are times when we are not wearing makeup and then people pass comments like "Oh she looks like this without makeup". To be honest personally, this doesn't affect me now."

Sanya said that initially she used to care about her appearance a lot but later she realised that her work and happiness are more important than anything else. She said, "This used to constantly worry me. But after a few months, I stopped and started feeling that 'I can't do this'. My happiness and my work come first. It is ok if I don't look nice, it's ok if I go without makeup and I am looking really bad and people are commenting about my looks. I really don't mind because yes I look like this and it's their wish if they want to see me or not. So I think that validation is a problem personally, I have stopped seeking it."

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