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Samsung files patent application for a phone with dual detachable displays

A Samsung patent filed in June 2018 has been unmasked showing what the Korean smartphone giant might have in store for its fans in the near future. The patent application is for a dual screen phone but this time around, instead of just being foldable, the two screens can be detached and used independently.

Samsung files patent application for a phone with dual detachable displays

Samsung is still expected to be the first OEM to release a true foldable phone even though the Flexpai has been unveiled but is not yet on sale. So, Samsung can beat it to become the first commercial foldable flagship. However, while we wait for that, the company has apparently been tinkering with the idea of another innovation in dual display phones. The patent application bears the title, “Electronic device with two display devices and method of operating” and was filed before the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) last June. The application also shows that a similar patent application had been filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office a year earlier, precisely on June 28, 2017.

The device is composed of two distinct smartphones, each with their own processor and fuselage. The perk here is that both phones can be attached and used as one single big phone but can also be used independently. Both screens are attached using magnets. Each of the two phones houses three magnets that allow the two phones to be attached in several different orientations. The application comes with sketches which give users an idea of how the detachable folding phone can be applied. It allows users to run two different apps at the same time just like split-screen but in this case, none of the apps will be paused. You can as well use the phone as one big screen for streaming movies. There are other configurations for snapping selfies, as well as for typing emails and texts with a virtual QWERTY keyboard.

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We can’t say for sure when this patent design will become a reality but we’re quite certain it is not going to be any time soon.


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