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Samsung Has Cut Prices Of Several Smartphones Simultaneously

Hello friends, now South Korean smartphone maker Samsung has made huge cut prices of several smartphones simultaneously on Friday. The company has reduced prices of Samsung Galaxy A7, Samsung Galaxy A9 & Samsung Galaxy J6 variants.

So let's know what the new price will be of these smartphoones.

Samsung Has Cut Prices Of Several Smartphones Simultaneously

Samsung's flagship smartphones price

  1. After reducing the price of its flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 8 to Rs. 13,000, the company has reduced the cost of 3 low-priced smartphones.
  2. The company has reduced the price of Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018), Galaxy A9 (2018) and J6 infinity. The 3 smartphones were launched by the company at Rs. 23990, Rs. 36990 & Rs. 14,990 respectively.

Retailer in Mumbai Mahesh Telecom tweeted about the reduction of the price

  1. Samsung Galaxy J6 (3 GB + 32GB) - Rs. 10,490 Earlier price Rs. 11,490.
  2. Samsung Galaxy J6 (4 GB + 64GB) - Rs.11,990 Earlier price Rs. 12,990.
  3. Samsung Galaxy A7 (4 GB + 64GB) - Rs. 18,990 Earlier price Rs. 23,990.
  4. Samsung Galaxy A7 (6 GB + 128 GB) - Rs. 22,990 Earlier price Rs. 28,990.
  5. Samsung Galaxy A9 (6 GB + 128 GB) - Rs. 33,990 Earlier price Rs. 36,990.
  6. Samsung Galaxy A9 (8 GB + 128 GB) - Rs. 36,990 Earlier price Rs. 39,990.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 this time, after the exemption, the customer can now buy this smartphone for Rs. 42,900.

Note: Prices may vary time to time

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Source: www.twitter.com (11/01/2019)

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