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Samsung Galaxy F is expected to debut this month

Samsung Galaxy F is expected to debut this month, on February 20, together with the Galaxy S10 series, but till that happens we obviously have a set of leaks for you. The foldable phone is also known as Galaxy Fold and it just popped up in a set of renders.

Samsung Galaxy F is expected to debut this month

These renders inspired by last week’s leak from the official YouTube channel of Samsung Vietnam, showing a foldable Samsung phone that opens up like a book. This time it has narrower bezels and also a more compact format. The hinge is nowhere to be seen, being even more discreet. This is clearly an evolution of the device we saw during SDC 2018 last November.


I’ll remind you that Samsung itself revealed that the device would have a 7.3 inch main panel, when open with a 1536 x 2152 pixel resolution. It folds down to a 4.58 inch 840 x 1960 pixel display. The source also talks about a projector or 3D hologram function for a future Samsung device, but nothing’s clear on that front. AR gaming is also in the mix, apparently, and we recently heard Samsung was prepping an affordable gaming phone, too.


Expect a $1800 price tag, maybe even more for the affordable and I’m very curious about the cameras, since it can’t see any at the front. They’re probably all of the back, three of them or so. One thing I’ll never get is the appeal of an affordable phone versus a regular phone.

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