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Salman's father Salim said on Ayodhya's decision- We need a mosque ..

The day of 9 November 2019 has become immortalized in the pages of history, as you know, on the Ayodhya verdict, the Supreme Court has decided that now a Ram temple will be built there and land will be given there separately for the Muslim society. Salman Khan's father Salim Khan also has a statement on this decision. After this decision, most of the actors in the Bollywood industry are appealing for peace. Let's know what Salman Khan's father Salim Khan said ...

Salman's father Salim said on Ayodhya's decision- We need a mosque ..
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He said that a school should be built on 5 acres of land given to Muslims in Ayodhya. He further appealed to the Muslim community not to pursue this issue by building schools there. We need to move forward from here.

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Salim Khan said, "The way peace prevails in India when the verdict is arrived, is admirable." Now accept it, now the dispute is over. Instead they should solve basic problems. I want the school to be a hospital, besides a mosque on the roundabout.

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He further said that we will study the mosque anywhere, on the train, at school, anywhere on the ground. If the training is good, then 22 crore Muslims in India can get a good start. Many shortcomings in this country will end.

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For the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, he said that now an issue has been resolved, now we should go ahead and start afresh. We need peace now. Major issues need to be resolved.

Do you guys agree with Salman Khan's father Salim Khan? Please tell in the comment box below.

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Assalam Walekum the way you say it good for all of us and we're lndian and we love peace Alla is the one how show the way Alla hafiz

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