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Salman Khan's bodyguard Shera's salary has increased in 2020, here's how much

Friends, Salman Khan's bodyguard Shera is one of the most popular person in Bollywood without working in any film. Today, Shera has become a big celebrity in himself, Shera has many followers on social media as well. Even after working for Salman Khan, Shera lives like a rich man. But guys do you know how much Shera earns? If not, today we will tell you.

Salman Khan's bodyguard Shera's salary has increased in 2020, here's how much
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According to the latest report of Business of Cinema, Salman Khan has increased Shera's salary in the year 2020. It is worth mentioning that earlier Salman used to pay a hefty fee of Rs 15 lakhs to Shera every month. And now Salman Khan has increased it to Rs 17 lakh. Accordingly, Shera receives more than 2 crores annually from Salman Khan as salary.

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Shera's earnings are not limited to salary, Salman is very generous as you know, so Salman often gives gifts and money to Shera on the festivals and special occasions. Also, being the bodyguard of Salman Khan, Shera also gets a chance to experience Salman's expensive and luxurious things.

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How did you like Shera's salary, is it less or more according to Bhaijaan? Do share your opinion with us in the comment box. If you like the post, do hit like and share it and do not forget to follow us to read interesting posts like this in future.

Sources: Business of Cinema, Free Press Journal

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The Boss

i think Salman Khan is big heartest person so it is not big amount to Salman Khan for his bodyguard.

4 Months ago


rich people waste money like water.

4 Months ago


salman khan jesa koi dildaar nahi

4 Months ago

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