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Rub This Tomato Ice Cube To Get Glowing Skin

Rubbing ice on the face is one of the best thing to get rid of many face related issues. Tomato Ice Cubes will going to do wonders for your skin. It will give effect of facial. Your face will going to get glowing and brighten with this tomato ice cube. Many more skin related issues like any pimple marks, spot or blemishes will going to get lighter with this tomato ice cubes. So give it a try.

Rub This Tomato Ice Cube To Get Glowing Skin
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-2 Tomato

-1/2 Spoon Kasturi Turmeric

-1/2 Spoon Rose Water

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-Make fine paste of Tomato and strain it nicely

-Transfer it on a bowl

-Add kasturi turmeric

-Add rose water

-Mix all the ingredients well

-Take a ice tray, pour tomato puree in the tray and put it in refrigerator

-When the tomato puree gets ice, take one or two pieces of ice and rub it all over your face and neck

Rub it daily on your face before sleeping and you will get positive result after few days.

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