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Rohit gets great news after Team India's exit from WC, Check this great news

India lost to New Zealand by 18 runs in the first semifinal on Wednesday, after the Indian team got out of the World Cup tournament. In the match played at Manchester's Old Trafford, Rohit Sharma, who was considered a trusted batsman of Team India, went back to the pavilion with just 1 run.

Rohit gets great news after Team India's exit from WC, Check this great news
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Prior to the match, former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was the world record on the target of Rohit. Tendulkar had scored 673 runs in the 2003 World Cup. This is the record of the highest runs scored by any batsman in a World Cup season. When Rohit scored 27 runs in the match, he would break Sachin's record.

Rohit gets good news in second semifinal

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Rohit Sharma World Cup is the highest run scorer in 2019 He scored 648 runs in 9 innings with the help of 5 centuries. Before the second semi-final, David Warner was very close to breaking Rohit's record. He needed 11 runs to overtake Rohit Sharma.

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But in this match against England, he scored 9 runs. In this way Rohit Sharma's record of making the highest run of World Cup 2019 remains safe.

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Rohit is the best batsman who scores runs against every team

3 Months ago

The Rock

BCCI should allow players to take part in t20 league of other countries so that the players get to know the different conditions and pitches of those countries they are playing in. BCCI is selfish not allowing its players to play in such t20 leagues but allowing other players to play in the IPL has had a reverse effect. I.e. players of other countries are not afraid of Indian pitches and conditions anymore now. they are playing in India and winning matches for their country.

3 Months ago


one of the worst batsmen who scored against weak bowling

3 Months ago

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