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Reasons why you don't have a girlfriend

A lot of guys loose their chance to have a girlfriend due to their bad actions. Today we are telling you about 3 such actions that you should avoid in front of girls.

Reasons why you don't have a girlfriend
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Words- A lot of boys has a bad habit of abusing and most of the girls don't like abusing. So try to avoid abusing whenever girls are around you.

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Bad Company-. It is possible that some of your friends have a bad image in front of girls and in that case non the girls would like to talk to you.

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Sticky- If you follow a girl everyday this will just have a bad impact on the girl as you are just following her like a ghost.

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Source- Navjagran website

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There's a lot of benefit for a boy being Single you know... 1. Can Hang with Friends more often... 2. Being Truth Always... 3. PUBG... 4. Saving More Money often spending it.... & more can do this all day... Bcoz Naanga la Murattu Single Pasanga...

5 Months ago


The only reason you don't have any girlfriend because you are gay...Lol,or you must be a man of culture who thinks practically that girlfriends are nothing but just some old gag,better spend your time with your true friend from high school or college, the one who actually supports you,that's the most important thing

5 Months ago


ya its true but not everyone time

5 Months ago

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