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#Reallifestories: Want a happy married life? Read Neera Chauhan’s inspirational story

#Reallifestories: Want a happy married life? Read Neera Chauhan’s inspirational story

Arpta Singh: Like any other woman, Delhi resident Neera Chauhan aimed to have a peaceful married life. She is married to a businessman. She is a 45 years lady with two kids, but her initial married life was not a peaceful one. From the very beginning of her marriage, she struggled to gain the attention of her husband. He is a workaholic man and is hardly bothered to give her the needed time and affection.

Due to the continuous ignorance of her husband, Neera started feeling lonely and depressed. They also had arguments. Gradually, her approach towards life became negative and she started feeling frustrated with her marriage. Not just this, her health started deteriorating and she developed sleeping disorder and her self confidence was also reducing day by day. Due to loneliness, she started getting irritated easily and also became short-tempered.

Her condition started worsening with each passing day and she even started getting suicidal thoughts. But she couldn't gather enough courage to take any such step thinking about her kids.  

Now even her kids started disliking the negative environment of their house. They started complaining about the dominating nature of their father and they were not happy with it.

Seeing Neera in a depressed state of mind, one of her friends informed her about Rajyoga meditation. Describing about Rajyoga meditation, her friend told her that it is not about any physical activity but it's about sitting in silence and connecting oneself with the almighty for a few minutes.

Neera, who is a spiritual lady, started following the Rajyoga meditation tips. She started doing the told things religiously. The first thing which she now do in morning before waking up is wishing Good Morning to the almighty. Then she thinks about a few positive qualities about herself. During her earliy morning medidation practice, she used to say a few lines daily, like she is the child of the supreme soul, she is fit and healthy, her family is united etc.

Neera revealed that initially her husband used to dislike this practice but after noticing positive changes in her persoanlity he stopped opposing her. 

Talking about the positive changes in her personality and married life, Neera said that with the practice of Rajyoga meditation, she has started staying happy, peaceful, calm and composed. She said that her anger has reduced to 90 percent and her confidence level has increased and even her husband has become a calm and composed person. 

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