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Real super humans of the world

Here is the list of super human that live among us.

  1. Gino Martino.

The human Anvil Gino Martino has a super human skull enabling him to break concrete over his head, he has also bowling balls dropped onto his skull from a hight of 15 feet.

H recently set the Guiness World record for having 45 concrete blocks split over his head.

Real super humans of the world
Gino Martino

2. Magnet Man Miroslaw Magola.

Watching Miroslaw Magola stick things to his skin is both fascinating and a little bit creepy.

Once you have seen him perform a few times you will realize that this is a man that is absolutely passionate about what he does.

Occasionally when demonstrating his amazing talents, things may not work perfectly for the magnet man.

Miroslaw Magola Magnet Man

3. Dennis Rogers (Hulk).

Super Strength Dennis can rip apart phone books with his bare hands, bend horse shoes and roll up for frying pans.

With his massive power he has held back airforce jets and Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Dennis Rogers

4. Iceman Wim Hof.

Wim is an self taught, educated and learned to control his body temperature with the power of his mind.

Thanks to his mind training, he has developed an amazing ability to not only survive better than most in the cold, he can do this wearing ridiculously few clothes.

Hence his name called "Ice man"

Wim Hof the Iceman

5. Scott Flansburg the Human calculator.

Scott has one of the most amazing abilities that we at Sapien Plus have ever seen. He can add, subtract and divide big numbers with an amazing degree of accuracy in a manner that seems unfathomable to normal human beings.

Human calculator Scott Flansburg

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The living Hulk, he can even rolled frying pan....😅

5 Months ago


Iceman is awesome.....

5 Months ago


wish i had those super powers

5 Months ago

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