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Rayudu will play for foreign team for the first time after retirement, received huge offer

On hearing Ambati Rayudu's name, he remembers his aggressive batting, in this world he was kept in standboy like Rishabh Pant, but did not give him a chance to play even after the injury of Shikhar Dhawan and Vijay Shankar. Perhaps angry with him, he surprised everyone by announcing his retirement, now he is busy in the Tamil Nadu Premier League.

Rayudu will play for foreign team for the first time after retirement, received huge offer
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Rayudu will no longer be a part of any tournament in India, just like Yuvraj. Rayudu has said goodbye to the right format but now news is coming that Yuvraj Singh will be seen playing in the Abu Dhabi League, for which he has been offered a hefty amount. Rayudu is a great batsman and hence he got this offer.

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Let us tell you that even before this, the Iceland Government had offered to Rayudu that after coming here to play cricket for our country, we will also give you citizenship of the country and all the facilities too, but so far Rayudu has not given any answer on this. It is believed that Rayudu will play for Iceland but he has not said anything so far.

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Shaji Uy Mulk, chairman and founder of the league, which starts from November 15, says that the matter is being discussed with Yuvraj, Rayudu and Pathan. A UAE newspaper quoted the country as saying, "We are very positive and I think the thing is more about numbers than will now."

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Show me money, I will show my Bat - Ambati Rayudu ka punch to BCCI

5 Days ago

Dr Hansraj Hathi

Ambati Kaaaaannyaaa raydu ..jiska ek aankh kaana hai..usko team se laath maarke hi nikala jaayega na..waise bhi baat kuch aur hai usko...Akele akele Lays ..micchar khaate hue Dhoni ne dekha tha usne kisiko ko bhi ...lays ..micchar packet nhi diya tha..isliye Dhoni ne Bcci ko bolkr usko nikal diya..dhoni ne woh akele akele lays aur micchar ...samosa aise khata hai ..mereko aur virat ..bumrah hum sab maangte hai toh nahi deta..Gaali deta hai aur bhaag jata hai.

6 Days ago


Money talks

9 Days ago

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