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Rashami Desai's ex Laksh Lalwani made a shocking comment on her

Since Rashami Desai returned back to the house in Bigg Boss 13, she was in constant limelight. She is constantly trying to emerge at home. So the viewers outside the house believe that Rashami Desai is going slow in the game. At the same time, some people are strongly supporting Rashami Desai . Now a name has been added to this list and Rashami Desai herself will be very surprised to know about it. This is none other than Rashami Desai's ex boyfriend Laksh Lalwani.

Rashami Desai's ex Laksh Lalwani made a shocking comment on her
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Laksh Lalwani told this during an interview. When Laksh Lalwani was asked if he saw Rashami Desai in Bigg Boss, he said, "I haven't even seen Bigg Boss 13 yet."

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Laksh Lalwani told that, he is no longer in touch with Rashami Desai. Talking further, Laksh said that, even though I have not seen Rashami Desai on the show so far, I would like to give best wishes to Rashami Desai.

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Rashami Desai dated Laksh Lalwani in the year 2016. During that time Rashami Desai had separated from her husband Nandish Sandhu. That thing is different that, when asked, these two never believed that both stars are dating each other.

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The relationship between Laksh Lalwani and Rashami Desai also did not last long and after some time both of them separated their paths. Now when Rashami is seen in Bigg Boss 13, during this show, such unseen aspects of her life are also coming out, about which even the fans will not know anything. Laksh Lalwani and Rashami's relationship is also something that Rashami would never like to talk about. 

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I like rashmi

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very beautiful rashmi ji

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