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Rare Pics Of Shah Rukh Khan Set Internet On Fire

Rare Pics Of Shah Rukh Khan Set Internet On Fire
Pic Credit: Daily Bhaskar

Shah Rukh Khan’s journey from an amateur to being the Badshah of Bollywood is full of ups and downs. But like all the legends, he too never gave up when life set him back, instead mustered all his will power and climbed up the pinnacle of stardom.

Shah Rukh’s onscreen debut was through a TV series named ‘Fauji’ that aired way back in 1989 on Doordarshan.

His boy-next-door look in the show was an instant hit and brought SRK the recognition he deserved. It is believed that ‘Fauji’ paved the way for his spectacular journey in the glamour world.

As a tribute to his decades of hard work and inspiring journey in show-biz, we take you down the memory lane to show you some rare pictures from his struggling days.

Image Source: Twitter/Kanika Gahlaut

Image Source: Daily Bhaskar

Image Source: Daily Bhaskar

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wow shah rukh is so cute

27 Days ago


my favorite star shahRrukh khan

27 Days ago


he looked very cute and adorable in Fauji

27 Days ago

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