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Ranveer Singh roots for Mumbai dance group on America’s Got Talent: ‘Gully boys dancing like Peshwas’

Ranveer Singh shared a supportive tweet for America’s Got Talent contestants V.Unbeatable. See it here.

Ranveer Singh roots for Mumbai dance group on America’s Got Talent: ‘Gully boys dancing like Peshwas’
RV.Unbeatable dance group surprised everyone on America’s Got Talent.

Mumbai dance group V.Unbeatable shocked everyone with their performance at America’s Got Talent and even actor Ranveer Singh back home. The group pulled off some really impressive and daring dance moves and earned itself a standing ovation from the judges and the entire audience.

“Gully boys dancing like Peshwas! World class performers making India proud, unbeatable,” Ranveer tweeted on Monday. Along with the tweet, he shared a link of the video in which the group is seen performing to Malhaari song from Ranveer-starrer Bajirao Mastani. Earlier, even Sonam Kapoor and Varun Dhawan had tweeted in the group’s support.

The troupe comprises 28 members aged 12-27 years. They chanted Ganpati Bappa Morya in unison before starting their sequence, which included jaw-dropping flips and electrifying dance moves. Watch it here:

Before their performance, the dance group was asked what it was like to stay in Mumbai. One member said: “Life in Mumbai is very hard... the life in slums.”

“Many members of our group live in slums. The slums are crowded, dirty and they don’t get proper electricity. Often 7-10 people stay in one room. It’s challenging to survive there. Each day we pray for a better life, but in slums there is very little opportunity for us.”

Dance gives them an opportunity to forget their surrounding. “For the past two weeks, we have not been able to sleep. This opportunity could change our lives. Everyone wants to succeed and give back to their families. We used to watch ‘America’s Got Talent’ on YouTube.

“We were like ‘can we go here someday?’ We were just dreaming about it and today we are here. It’s our dream come true,” said a member.

First Published: Jun 04, 2019 09:32 IST

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