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Rangoli Chandel Has The Most Savage Reply To Being Called A ‘Spitting Image’ Of Sister Kangana Ranaut

Rangoli Chandel Has The Most Savage Reply To Being Called A ‘Spitting Image’ Of Sister Kangana Ranaut

Actress Kangana Ranaut has been the closest to her sister Rangoli Chandel. In the meantime, Rangoli who is an avid social media user, just recently took to her Twitter handle to share some throwback pictures from a shoot she did back in the days. Chandel shared how Kangana forced her to do the shoot and even styled her for it. While Rangoli shared the picture, a news portal compared Chandel with her sister Kangana. In return, Rangoli Chandel has the most savage reply to sharing similarities with her sister.

On Twitter, Kangana’s sister tweeted, “magar Chotu toh mere saamne paida hui hai, how can I look like her ha ha but it’s flattering that in some way I am compared to my most favourite person.” In the tweet, Rangoli questioned that Kangana (Chotu) was born in front of her, so how can she look like her. Moving on, being compared to Kangana, Rangoli added that she will instead take it as a compliment and went on to mention that it’s surely flattering being compared to her most favourite person in the world.

For the unversed, Rangoli shared a collage of pictures from her shoot and tweeted, “Getting lot of compliments for my profile picture, thanks friends, this is a photoshoot Kangana forced me to do before Prithu was born, she styled me also, I find these pictures embarrassing but posting as some of you requesting.” Later, after sharing the picture on social media, many users also compared Rangoli to Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz and called her a spitting image. Then, Rangoli thanked the user for calling her a spitting image of the Pirates of the Caribbean actress.

Meanwhile, as Rangoli Chandel continues to stay active on social media and garners compliments, Kangana Ranaut is back to Manali and will be spending time with her family until the COVID-19 pandemic settles. Also Read:Neha Dhupia Is One Excited Momma As She Shares Glimpses Of Daughter Mehr’s First Baby Steps

Image source: Twitter/ Rangoli Chandel, Instagram/@teamkanganaranut

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