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Prakash Rai faces wrath when attending funeral of martyr

Prakash Rai faces wrath when attending funeral of martyr

Mandya: Actor-turned-politician Prakash Rai was allegdly manhandled when he had turned up to attend the last rites of the martyred soldier Guru at Mellahalli here on Saturday, February 16.

Reportedly Rai while addressing the public, gathered at the KM Doddi here said that people need to get over their personal differeences during these time of crisis and put up an united front against evil forces. the situation turned out of control when a man questioned him for his double standards claiming that he speaks in favour of the soldiers when such incidents happen, and on other occasions, he keeps criticizing them.

Few people even called him a traitor and assaulted him. In the melee that followed, Rai is said to have fallen to the ground.

Rai was later escorted to his car safely and sent away.

Meanwhile, the police remained mute spectators to the development which happened all of a sudden unexpectedly.

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communist pigs spoiling Indian environment and sovereignty. Those who abuse Indian legends speaking for constitution.What a joke whi never abide constitution speaks for constitutional rights.Hypocrisy only suits communist bustards.

3 Months ago


Communal bjp party'' handiwork

3 Months ago


Lol. ... He is a traitor

3 Months ago

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