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Prabhas said: I want to date this Bollywood actress, you will be shocked

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Friends, Prabhas is the most popular film actor of India. Prabhas Bahubali has become very famous all over the world. There are many girls in India who want to date Prabhas. But today we are going to tell you about the Bollywood actress whom Prabhas himself says to do on a date. So let's know who that actress is.

Prabhas said: I want to date this Bollywood actress, you will be shocked
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Friends, this actress is named Raveena Tandon. Raveena Tandon is one of the most popular actresses in India. Prabhas was talking to journalists during this interview, during which a journalist asked Prabhas which actress you are a fan of. In response to this question, Prabhas said that he is the biggest fan of Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon. And they want to take Raveena Tandon on a date.

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Friends talk about Prabhas's workfront, according to the news, he can be seen in the role of Ravana in the 600 crore budget film Ramayana and in the film Hrithik Roshan Ram and Deepika Padukone can play the role of Sita.

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